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Attention all leaders

Are you aligning your leadership career with what fuels you?

Leaders end up in leadership roles for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes they get there accidentally because they got a tap on the shoulder. Some leaders take on the responsibility because they want the title and salary that goes with it – we appreciate those who work hard on themselves and earn the right to call themselves a leader. Then there are those who were born to show us the way, and being an inspiring and results-focused leader is in their DNA. What we know for sure is, regardless of how they got there, they’d better know how to sustain their own energy and focus because no-one is coming to do that for them.

Are you currently a leader of people?
If you're leading people right now, understand that aligning your leadership aspirations with what fuels you is critical to long-term success. Managing the impact of a global pandemic is with us for the long-term. We're currently seeing a significant trend where people are choosing to work for the person, rather than the organisation. The rise of the individual is here! Australians want to get up in the morning and go and deliver for leaders who bring integrity and purpose. We have high expectations of you as a leader. Once we know we can trust you, we also want you to be healthy, resilient, values-led, inclusive and innovative beyond measure. It's been said that a leadership career is like a marathon. It needs a long-term approach if you want to make the finish line.

If you’re feeling tired or noticing the increasing pressure, here are eight strategies to ensure you are fuelling the leader within:

1. Get off the dance floor and up onto the balcony – Find some time this week to take a big-picture view of what your days and weeks look like for the next three, six and 12 months. Consider the priorities of your team, workload and travel that's required. Ensure your next holiday is booked in. Do you know where your peaks and troughs are?

2. Job thrills – Reflect on when you're most proud, satisfied and excited at work. Perhaps your energy comes from 'people development' or maybe it’s the adrenaline of doing the 'big deal'. Some leaders need innovation and vision to feel like they're really influencing the shape of success. Are you in the right role and working for the right leader?

3. Look after yourself – You have one body and years to live in it. Consider what habits and activities you have in place to look after yourself emotionally, physically and spiritually. Investing time and resources in you, is the most important investment you'll ever make. Leaders also have a responsibility to role-model what good ‘health’ is. What else can you do to ensure your mind and body are getting what they need?

4. Check in at home – Have meaningful and respectful conversations with the people who really matter to you. Ask them if you're empty when you get home, or if you still have enough left to give when they need you. Talk to family and friends to get a real gauge on what it’s like being around you. Do you have your priorities right?

5. Steal some stuff – Now, don’t go and do anything illegal! But the world is full of amazing leaders of all kinds, so perhaps there are some ideas you could borrow from them. Some of the greatest writers, CEOs, designers and teachers on this planet do what they do so that you can grow and translate their learning for yourself. Who inspires you?

If you're looking for a book on the topic of leadership – we hear lots of leaders are reading Tribe of mentors: short life advice from the best in the world – we love it and have it on our recommended reading list.

– The Coach Place Global

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