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Are you someone who only does what’s easy?

Possible and easy are not the same thing
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We’ve written before about how we often mistake opportunities for hard work and, as a result, don’t go after big goals. Many people have an all-too-hard basket that’s overflowing with untapped potential: the book they didn’t write, the project they didn’t put their hand up for, the would-be mentor they didn’t make an effort to connect with.

We want to talk about how important it is to understand the difference between what’s easy and what’s possible.

As humans, we love quick fixes. We look for life hacks, whether it’s to help us clean the house, lose weight, get fit, score a promotion… You can pretty much pick any area of life and you’ll see that we like things to happen without too much effort.

But here’s the thing: not much of the good stuff materialises without a fair bit of work. Success doesn’t come easily to most people; neither does personal growth or healthy relationships. Most goals demand a cost or compromise (or both).

But just because something isn’t easy, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done. As coaches, we’re very interested in the word ‘possibility’. Nine times out of 10 (yes, we made that up), we can get things done if we really need to. In fact, it’s when life is crazy difficult that we learn how much possibility there really is.

Ask yourself this: if you didn’t spend so much time worrying about whether or not something would be too hard, what could be possible for you?

As we live through the great resignation – a spectacular time that’s forcing us every day to prioritise what really matters – we’d love you to think about:

  • What would be possible for me if I compromised?
  • What would be possible for me if I made the time?
  • What would be possible for me if I was committed?
  • What would be possible for me if I was a little bit braver?
  • What would be possible for me if I made sure I had the right people around me?
  • What would be possible for me if I didn’t get in my own way?

Need more inspiration? This fantastic TED Talk – How to stop screwing yourself over (21:40) – talks about all those great ideas we have that could change our life, the world and the way we feel, and why we don’t often do anything about them. Warning: there are some cold, hard truths in this one. Prepare to be pushed!

– The Coach Place Global

Image by Vu Thu Giang

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