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Are you on a succession plan?

Become the go-to candidate for the job you want
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You may have read articles about ‘the great resignation’, which has already started. Labor economist Lawrence Katz is calling it “a once-in-a-generation ‘take this job and shove it’ moment” – our post-pandemic opportunity to choose how, when and where we work to achieve greater work-life balance. Recent research shows that 48 per cent of Australian workers are planning to look for a new role within the next year. We also know leaders are busy plotting their next moves and we’re expecting to see massive movement between jobs – even industries – as people go after the roles they truly want.

‘Succession planning’ is a big part of knowing where you’re headed. As coaches, we often ask our clients whether they’re on a succession plan now – whether they’ve identified a particular role they’d love to be in and that the person who’s in or managing that role has them top of mind for stepping into it. This can be a position that’s internal or external to your organisation. In either case, you have an agreement with the ‘powers that be’ that you want the role and you're prepared to wait for it – building your skills in the interim to make sure you’re ready.

If you’re not on a succession plan but you’re looking for a senior position, start having conversations with the person who’s in the role you want, or with your HR business partners to find out what you need to do to be on their radar.

A few tips to think about:

  • Get out there – How can you make it easy for others to know you’re available, interested and seeking that role? Have your ‘pitch’ prepared around why you’d be right for the job – and have plenty of evidence to support your case.
  • Go big – This is a dynamic, polarising time career-wise. Be ambitious about whose succession plan you want to be on.
  • Do a brand audit – Succession planning happens alot behind closed doors. What do people say about you when you're not in the room? Have honest conversations with people you trust, who’ll tell you the truth about how you're currently viewed. Are there any fix-ups or evolving that you need to do to make sure your personal brand is healthy and strong?
  • Be discreet – Succession plans do get shared, so be mindful of confidentiality if you’re going external. There’s no point getting your team offside if you need their help to prepare for another role.

If you don’t have a succession plan within an organisation, make sure you’ve at least worked out a career plan around your next 12 months, 18 months and three years. Even if you’re happy where you are right now, remember this: standing still is the fastest way to move backwards in a rapidly changing world.

– The Coach Place Global

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