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Interview with Unna Goldsworthy

A highly-respected exercise physiologist
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Unna is an exercise physiologist concerned with all things that make our bodies work. She is one of Australia’s most experienced and respected exercise physiologists. Years of study, research and working with clients allows her to share an expertise that is sought out by many. She lectures, facilitates, coaches and works one on one with clients who are seeking strategies to create their best possible health. She knows a lot about behavioural change, mindset and taking care of this one body that we have.

Please scroll down to listen. In this interview we weaved away through a multiple of topics and attempted to answers all of your questions. This interview will not be for everyone. WARNING. Words such as ‘bowel’, ‘perimenopause’, ‘lymphatic’ are used!

  1. Where do we start if we are feeling blaa (the technical term)?
  2. Why is our sleep cycle important?
  3. What is thinking jerk face?
  4. Why should you stand up every time you open a new email?
  5. Is your bowel linked to your ability to be high performing?
  6. Should we not be sitting on our pelvic floor all day? (who knew)
  7. Why shouldn’t we have a coffee within an hour of waking?
  8. What if I’m feeling anxiety for the first time in my life?
  9. What made us both teary?
  10. What books might be worth reading?

Listen to the interview here:

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