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Interview with Rosie Batty

A pain no woman should have to know
Rosie Batty blog size

Rosie Batty is not living the life she planned. What was she to do with overwhelming grief? In her shoes, if I had to bury a child as she did, would I withdraw and sink into the anger, the grief, the incredible loss of what might have been? Or could I go on to influence and shape policy change as she has done? This interview is not focused on the brutal murder of her son Luke, but rather on the story of Rosie herself and who and how she became as a result of her loss. Believe me when I say she is remarkable, honest and truly inspirational. Her life changed in every aspect, and she tells us how she made the choice to learn and grow.

Please note: topics such as domestic violence, murder and grief are discussed in this interview. Look after you. This might not be the right time for you to watch this, and that’s OK.

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