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Podcast with Bobby Cappuccio

When two global coaches start talking ...
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This a podcast that we hope you'll find insightful and thought-provoking. Bobby Cappuccio is a certified coach, Co-founder of PTA Global, former director of professional development at the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and director of coaching for some of the world's leading organisations in the wellness industry. He’s an internationally recognised speaker and author, and specialises in behavioural change. He recently interviewed the Founding Director of The Coach Place Global, Lisa Stephenson. Below is a link to the podcast, and the introduction written by Bobby. Read. Listen. Enjoy!

What would you do if quite suddenly and unexpectedly you lost everything and had to start all over again? That's exactly where our guest found herself years ago. Lisa Stephenson not only lost her home, security, and any sense of certainty, but perhaps what was most devastating is that she lost her identity.

However, it was somewhere in these moments that she discovered that the choices we make about who we are going to be when life is challenging and impossibly hard, often matter the most. The choices we make in the moments when we don’t feel like we can, because it seems like we've nothing left, are the ones that most shape us. Lisa believes that it was the choice to 'be curious' in the face of fear that allowed her to see possibilities beyond her current situation. Today she's one of the most reputable and sought after executive coaches in her industry. In this episode she shares with us her insights on discovering and living your own version of success.

In this episode we explore questions such as:

  • Why it's so important to be curious in the face of fear.
  • How can curiosity provoke a different response?
  • What would a different version of happiness look like when things can never go back to the way they were?
  • How do we take the power out of anxiety and put the empowerment into possibility?
  • Do affirmations work?
  • Why real coaching isn't about giving advice or counselling.
  • Why does giving people more information seldom support behaviour change?
  • What is the link between vision and goals?
  • What is the benefit of asking the right questions?
  • Why do high performers need time to sit with themselves?
  • What are the behaviours that create barriers to outcomes?
  • What happens when your physiology is in conflict with your personal philosophy?
  • What is the power in knowing what your version of success is?
  • How do you know if you’re living out your version of success versus following someone else's blueprint?
  • What are the three versions of all of us, and what can they teach you?
  • Why being prepared to make mistakes, and even bomb, is a critical key to success.
  • What are the best and worst things that could ever happen in your career?
  • Where does the greatest measure of learning happen?
  • What happens when you suffer for what you love?
  • Why is it that if something is important enough, you'll never be ready!
  • What's the definition of expertise? Can you develop it?
  • What's the difference between meaning and purpose?
  • What feeds you?

Lisa is brilliant, I adore her and you will too by the end of this episode.

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