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7 positive narratives to kickstart your week

Balancing out the negative news, one story at a time
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We’ve spoken before about the detrimental impact of negative news on mental health – and to drive home that point, how’s this for an interesting fact: a post-9/11 study found that the amount of time spent watching television in the aftermath of the attack was directly correlated with the severity of symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that people experienced. That’s a pretty scary revelation, given that most of us are glued to our screens right now, compelled to keep abreast of all the negative world stories playing out.

But remember: just because the news outlets don’t report the good stuff (negativity sells!) doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Here are seven happy stories that you might have missed.

  1. Artists were pretty hard-hit during lockdowns over the past few years, so this good news piece from Ireland is likely to spark some joy. The Irish Government has launched a pilot scheme to support artists and creative arts workers, providing them with a basic income of €325 per week over a three-year period. The aim of the project is not only to deliver financial stability for workers who, let’s face it, probably don’t have a reliable income at the best of times, but also to recognise the important role that art plays in Irish culture. Hopefully governments elsewhere take note.
  2. The world’s most successful charity event in history took place last month, raising over US$10 billion for humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. Completely filling the UN Refugee Agency’s funding gap, the grants and loans pledged by world leaders will provide accommodation and economic security for millions of refugees and displaced citizens.
  3. You may have read the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which suggested that we’re unlikely to keep global warming below 1.5C unless countries seriously lift their game on emissions targets. However, the good news is that scientists believe (for the first time, we might add) that we’re on track to keep heating below 2C. Yes, this is huge – particularly if you recall that just a few years ago, we were heading towards a 4–5C temperature rise. Progress is being made.
  4. If you’re still feeling a bit flat about all things climate change, check out this online map, which showcases some of the rewilding projects that are happening around the world. Taking a step back from all the numbers and political sparring that we’ve come to associate with climate change, it’s incredible to see the real, positive action that’s being taken to protect the environment in all corners of the globe.
  5. Kindness has become a hot topic in recent years and we’re learning more about its many benefits every day. Recently, researchers in the UK conducted the world’s largest kindness survey; among many interesting results, they found that two-thirds of the country’s population believe that they became kinder during the pandemic – even just by performing simple acts, like shopping for friends or checking in with neighbours. (But sorry to anyone that’s reading this in the US: apparently most of you think that COVID-19 made people less kind. Right, that’s awkward; maybe you guys should just move on to the next story…)
  6. Still on kindness: a Frenchman who won €200 million in a lottery plans to use his winnings to set up an environmental foundation, which will protect forests and boost biodiversity. That’s got to score him some good karma points, right?
  7. Finishing on a light note, the results of a recent survey from confectioner Jelly Belly suggest that a person’s preference for sweet treats reveals a lot about their personality. If you’re a fan of sour lollies, for example, you’re probably extroverted – and possibly also eccentric, funny and sarcastic. Meanwhile, if you’re more of a chocolate connoisseur, you tend to be optimistic and shy. We’re not going to speculate about the personality implications for people (ahem, us) who eat all the sweet things…

That’s it from us for now – have a wonderful week!

– The Coach Place Global

Image by Cole Freeman

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