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7 daily commitments that are healthy for everyone

They’re not hard, but they will make a difference
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Do you ever get overwhelmed thinking about all the things you ‘should’ be doing every day, panic, and end up doing none of them? Aside from cooking, cleaning, caregiving and working, there’s all that extra stuff that we know is good for us: exercising, spending time in nature, clearing out our inboxes, journaling, networking, sleeping, listening to classical music, reading, meditation, Marie Kondo-ing our cupboards, being present for our children, standing on our head and saying the alphabet backwards…

OK, we made that last one up, but seriously – how do we fit it all in, let alone remember what needs to be done? All of these things are important, but every day? Probably not going to happen.

We’ve compiled a list of seven daily commitments that really can make a big difference in your life, and some of them don’t take much time.

  1. Educate yourself. Every single day, aim to learn something new – whether it’s about being a better person, partner or parent; the environment; or your job. It doesn’t matter what it is, just read, watch or listen to something that will help you become the very best version of you.
  2. Practice gratitude. Every day, take a photo of a beautiful moment or something you appreciate: a flower, your child, the sky, something you’ve cooked. Teach your brain to look for small things that you’re grateful for.
  3. Meditate. So many studies prove that meditation is great for your heart, your stress levels, your self-awareness, your mindset... There’s something very powerful about taking the time to stop and just be. It doesn’t have to be strategic or learnt; simply sit still, close your eyes and focus on your breathing for a few minutes each day, or use an app for guidance. Let yourself be present.
  4. Show compassion. Seek opportunities every day to make a small difference in someone else’s world. Pick up the phone, smile at a stranger, pay for someone’s coffee. Find ways to be generous and kind.
  5. Laugh. Laughter is something that grown-ups can go days without doing. Yet research tells us that laughter truly is the best medicine – it reduces stress, boosts our immune system and provides both a physical and emotional release. Find something – or someone – each day that makes you laugh.
  6. Play. Look for opportunities to be light-hearted and playful. Think about the things you used to do when you were little: did you play practical jokes on your siblings, or immerse yourself in a world of make-believe? Playfulness is about creativity, thinking differently and giving yourself permission to have fun.
  7. Don’t be a dumbass. Yes, this list is meant to be about things you should do, but this last one is more about what to avoid. Don’t be someone who sabotages others, or does things that are bad for you. We grown-ups can be pretty dumb at times: we sit on TikTok for hours, hang out with people that aren’t good for us and pump our bodies full of unhealthy food. You’ve got one body and one life. Treat them both wisely and kindly.

Like anything, the more you practice these commitments, the easier they’ll become. You don’t forget to brush your teeth (we hope), so there really is no excuse not to play, laugh and do all the great things each and every day. Let’s be better.

– The Coach Place Global

Image by Mark Duffel

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