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6 ways to boost your creativity

And why it’s good for you!
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When you think of creativity, what’s the first thing (or person) that comes to mind? Artists, writers, musicians, designers – or maybe that colleague at work who pours out amazing ideas as if they’re hooked up to a tap?

Despite what you may think, creativity doesn’t belong to a certain type of person, nor is it something you do, or a talent that you’re born with. Creativity is a mindset – and tapping into it can deliver so many benefits.

For starters, being creative can improve your wellbeing. Studies show that when people think they’ve been creative, they’re more likely to experience positive emotions. Creative pursuits like drawing, painting and writing have been proven to help people overcome trauma and manage negative emotions. If your brainpower is feeling depleted, a spot of writing can help to improve learning and memorisation. Plus, concentrating on a creative task can put you in a state of flow; that feeling of being ‘in the zone’, where you’re so focused on a task that you lose all sense of time – and, as a bonus, become more mindful and relaxed.

Yes, there’s a lot to be said for creativity. If you think you could do with a little bit more of it in your life, try these six tips:

  1. Keep learning – Get curious, ask questions, experiment, try new things. Kids don’t have the monopoly on playfulness; adults, too, can use their imagination through art, games and storytelling to express themselves and feel more happy and fulfilled.
  2. Stop the inner critic – Criticism kills creativity. Let your mind and heart run wild.
  3. Find your inner child – Give yourself permission to do things just because they feel good. (Within reason; nothing illegal here, please.)
  4. Spend time in nature – Studies show that being outdoors can make you more creative, because it lowers anxiety and allows our poor, sozzled brain to make connections more easily.
  5. Meditate – OK, we probably say this a lot, but meditation delivers so many benefits. Opening up space in your life to simply be can help to unleash your creativity.
  6. Move – There’s a reason why Steve Jobs loved walking meetings: exercise is linked to better performance on creative tests (something to do with all those endorphins flying around, which allow our brain to stretch itself).

Taking a slight deviation from how to be more creative, why not check out this quiz about creative personality types. Apparently, your answer provides clues about your creative strengths, untapped potential and ideal collaborator – all useful tools if you want to utilise your creative muscle more effectively. (And if our results are anything to go by, it’s surprisingly insightful!)

– The Coach Place Global

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