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6 upbeat stories to start your month

A round-up of the events, initiatives and news items that are making us smile
Blog 185 6 upbeat stories

Did you know that consuming happy and optimistic content does more than just give you that ‘warm feeling'? Researchers have found that negatively-geared content reduces our motivation to address issues, whereas uplifting stories can inspire us to take positive action. That might not be brand new information to you, but how proactive are you in seeking out content that serves your mindset and energy?

Whether you’re wanting to change the world or are just here for the good vibes, these six stories offer a glimpse at some of the great things happening right now.

  1. In a case of Where’s Wally on steroids, researchers are calling on citizen scientists to help them conduct a walrus census along the Arctic’s Laptev Sea. The Walrus from Space project will involve half a million animal spotters studying satellite imagery to find out where the creatures are living, so scientists can investigate how they’re adapting to the effects of climate change.
  2. We love animal stories, so here’s another one: a growing number of Californian winemakers are turning their backs on pesticide, instead recruiting barn owls and other birds of prey to protect their vines from rodents. Now that’s organic!
  3. Moving beyond the animal kingdom, it’s madness to think that there’s never been a vaccine for malaria, when you consider that the disease is as old as humanity. But that’s all set to change, with the World Health Organization recently approving the rollout of a malaria vaccine, to be used in parts of Africa, where the disease kills more than 260,000 children under the age of five annually. This breakthrough could potentially save tens of thousands of young lives each year.
  4. Young people have been among the hardest hit by COVID-19 travel restrictions, with many forced to put backpacking adventures on hold. In recognition of their sacrifice, the European Commission will be giving away 60,000 Interrail tickets to Europeans aged 18 to 20 – these can be used for free travel via train, bus and ferry through all European Union (EU) countries for a 30-day period. Too bad Australia’s place in the EU is tied to Eurovision alone.
  5. It may have stopped us in our tracks for months (years?), but COVID-19 has had a positive impact on the air we breathe. The World air quality report, which studies changes to air pollution in 106 countries year on year, has revealed that 84 per cent of countries and 65 per cent of global cities experienced better air quality in 2020 compared to 2019. This was due to the restrictions imposed upon industry and transport during lockdowns.
  6. Speaking of cleaner air, countries are outdoing themselves in the race to plant more trees. In Pakistan, the Ten Billion Tree Tsunami program aims to reverse deforestation by planting – you guessed it – 10 billion trees by 2023. (It recently hit the one-billion mark.) Meanwhile, the Mongolian Government has committed to planting one billion trees by 2030; refugees in northern Cameroon have planted 360,000 seedlings around the Minawao Refugee Camp; and in England, a project is underway to create a corridor comprising 50 million trees in the north of the country, not only to expand existing green spaces, but to support the fight against climate change.

So, there you have it: six doses of happiness to start your month and perhaps even inspire you to take positive action. Use these to start new conversations and thoughts about the world we live in.

– The Coach Place Global

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