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6 strategies for personal success

How do we define and futureproof our success?
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Before you start trying to be ‘successful’, one important thing to consider is what ‘success’ means to you. Success means different things at different times to each of us – it's highly personal. Some people never feel successful and others are very clear about what they need to have and feel to claim success. Put simply, it's important that you create a vision of where you are heading and identify what needs to be done for you to achieve success.

Sounds easy, right? It should be, but did you know that barely eight per cent of New Year’s resolutions come to fruition? This might not be the definitive measure of success, but it does give us an indication that success doesn’t come from setting goals alone – we also need to follow through on them. (Shocking, I know!)

As coaches, we're certain that the people who are most successful in life are those who have absolute clarity on what success will look like, adapt their plan as they progress and still enjoy where they are in their life right now. You might be considering starting a new business or be working up to a promotion. There could be a big adventure you want to plan or maybe it’s time to go back and do some study. Successful people don’t wait for the right time or for next Monday. So, how do you bring your dreams, plans and changes to life?

Futureproof your success by applying these six principles now:

  1. Play and plan big – This is your one shot to live an amazing adventure. Be ambitious in your dreams. Consider what you want to be able to say about your life when you're 80 years old and sitting on the veranda reflecting on the experiences you've had. Successful people aren’t necessarily the ones who are the smartest or best educated – they're the ones who are brave enough to own what they want. What are you really capable of?
  2. Do what other people aren’t prepared to do – The world is full of people who start stuff, but never follow through. Successful people do what’s required. They keep going even when it’s hard and they don’t want to. Don’t wait and don’t give in. When your motivation has passed, it will be your commitment that keeps you going. Are you prepared to do what’s required?
  3. Get uncomfortable – It's true, the greatest learning happens in discomfort. To know what you are really capable of, you have to test out your resilience and capabilities. You don’t know what you don’t know about you yet. You are an ever-evolving complex person with so many things to learn and that is where your potential sits. Intentionally look for new experiences and meet people out of your network. When was the last time you felt really uncomfortable?
  4. Pay attention – You are constantly receiving messages from the world around you. People who care about you are telling you what they think. The voices on your shoulder (the angel and devil) are tapping into your inner thoughts and feelings. Your body is communicating to you all the time about what it needs. The environments where you live, work, exercise and rejuvenate are all talking to you. What is working in your life and what isn’t?
  5. Honour the future version of you – Imagine you in two years. How much more will you know in five years? And then in 10 years, you'll be so wise! When you're planning your future success, consider what your future smarter/wiser/funnier/more experienced version of you would do. The best way to predict your future is to live it now. What advice does your future self have for you?
  6. Be resolute, committed and courageous – The reality is it’s unlikely anyone else can create success for you. There is only one you on this planet. No single other person looks the same as you, has your beliefs or experiences. Put your big kid pants on and enjoy the ride of being you. As coaches, we've never met anyone who's an overnight success. Be brave on all the days you can manage it. The future version of you will thank you for it!

And if you’re looking for a bit more, then this TED Talk (11:42), venture capitalist John Doerr explains how you can use ‘Objectives and key results’ to set goals that'll help you achieve your own version of success. He believes you need to outline what you want to accomplish and how you’re going to get it done. But first, you must answer your why – combining your ambitions with your passion and your purpose.

– The Coach Place Global

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