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6 stories to warm your soul

Block out the world for a few minutes
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The past few weeks have been… a lot. Just as we seemed to be emerging from all the disruption and uncertainty, more arrives.

Amidst the chaos close to home and around the world, we want to provide you with some moments of optimism. Christmas-tree recycling goats and elephant food courts may not show up in your normal algorithms of content. Let’s give your hearts and brains a short break from the negative and sad news.

Here are six stories to remind you that there’s still lots of good news to be found.

  1. As much as we might love our jobs, who among us wouldn’t welcome a four-day working week? Well, it might be time to start getting your hopes up, because the movement is gaining momentum, with Belgium the latest country to embrace a 38-hour working week, following in the footsteps of Scotland, Spain, Japan and Iceland. Us next, pretty please?
  2. If this isn’t a fabulous example of a workplace growth opportunity, we don’t know what is. At the Baltimore Museum of Art, security guards are stepping up to curate an exhibit, on top of their regular duties (oh, and they’re being paid for their extra efforts, too). Given the guards spend more time amongst the artworks than anyone, the museum’s leadership team figured they were the perfect people for the job. Right on.
  3. Most people who wear headphones in the office are probably trying to block out noisy colleagues, but this handy tech tool could actually help us appreciate our co-workers more. A study has found that if you feel like a speaker’s voice is coming from inside your head, you’ll perceive them as warmer, feel more connected to them and behave more empathetically towards them. Perhaps we should mandate headphones in meetings!
  4. Here’s some weird irony for you. In the US, taxes raised from the sale of guns, ammunition and other hunting equipment are lining the coffers of wildlife conservation groups, big time. It’s all thanks to a law introduced in 1937 to protect animals from overhunting and habitat destruction. Apparently, it’s been a record year for fundraising efforts, with US$1.1 billion distributed to various environmental programs – a 60 per cent increase from last year. There’s probably a simpler solution out there, if only we could put our finger on it…
  5. Is this good news, or just interesting news? We’ll let you be the judge. You know how people tend to say one human year is the equivalent of seven dog years? Well, researchers now think this isn’t true at all. A study has found that one human year can equal as many as 10 years for large dog breeds, or as little as five years for small breeds. Scientists plan to use this information to explore why certain dogs live to a ripe old age, so they can apply the same principles to humans. Cool.
  6. When it comes to construction projects, the ever-expanding list of technical requirements probably gives builders a headache, but hopefully this one makes them smile. In the UK’s Brighton and Hove City Council, new buildings taller than 5m must include special bricks that provide nests for solitary bees, as well as nesting boxes for swifts. It’s a win for biodiversity, plus bee and bird enthusiasts, all round.

Have a joyful week.

– The Coach Place Global

Image by Cristian Castillo

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