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5 coaching reality statements

Coaching questions that will provoke real change
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Consider this a mini-coaching session designed just for you. If you’re serious about your personal growth, find 15 minutes today to complete this activity.

Here are five coaching reality statements for you to reflect on. Of the five listed, which one could provoke change or different outcomes for you? Choose the statement that you know you need to think about. Part of evolving into better versions of ourselves, involves an ability to self-assess and turn insights into actions. Read all the statements and see if any trigger an emotional, physical or curious reaction.

You’ll notice that each one is followed by a coaching question, which our coaching team use to challenge our beliefs.

  1. Bad things happen to good people.
    Coaching question: Can you let go of what’s not in your control?
  2. It’s what I do when life is hard that counts.
    Coaching question: How resilient are you?
  3. No-one is coming to fix anything for me.
    Coaching question: How responsible are you for the life you’re living?
  4. I’m in charge of deciding the meaning I give an experience.
    Coaching question: How emotionally intelligent are you?
  5. You’ve got everything you need, but it’ll take everything you’ve got.
    Coaching question: Do you have a growth mindset?

Once you’ve chosen the statement you want to work with, transfer it to wherever you’re tracking your learning and notes – this might be typing or writing it into a journal. Then, in point form – remembering that this is a focused coaching activity – answer the following questions:

  • What would be different for me if I embraced this statement?
  • What would be different for others if I made this statement true?
  • What specific behaviours, habits or actions do I need to put in place?
  • Am I prepared to do the work?

Personal and professional success is very individual. You know you best – and this is a great time to do some work on you! This activity is about honouring the future version of you and doing work now that will set up the ‘you’ you want to be. Get on it!

– The Coach Place Global

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