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4 Coach Place articles you’re valuing right now

What you’ve been reading and watching lately
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We love your feedback. Thank you to everyone has been emailing, messaging and calling! Believe us when we say that it’s always wanted and appreciated. We listen to what you tell us you’re valuing and take your suggestions on board to make sure we’re bringing you more of what you want to read, watch and learn.

We believe this is a good time to share just a few insights from our Coach Place community. Here’s what you’re most valuing:

  • Happy vibes – Without a doubt, our positive news stories that run every second Monday are something that many of you write to us about. This is clearly a time when we all need to ensure we’re consuming content that makes us feel optimistic about the world. Did you know we have a writer and researcher who spends hours compiling them for you? We’re so thrilled that you look forward to reading and sharing them. Did you also know that you can log in here to access everything on our platform? If you want to find out why magpies are making headlines, how a pair of old shoes can be reborn as an apple tree, or if you simply need some resources and stories to refuel your team - log in and use the dropdown ‘select a tag’ menu and choose ‘positive vibes’.
  • Self-awareness stories – You’re really interested in what we call our ‘holding up the mirror’ articles. You know, the ones where we talk about annoying people, the scariest things we can say, and the types of people that we love. There’s never been a more important time for us to have clarity about who we want to work for and with. Relationships are a hot topic right now.
  • Books – Yes! We have members who order every single book that we review. They don’t necessarily read them all in one go, but they do tell us that they watch out for our reviews and use them to build a nice pile of recommended reading beside their bed to work through. We are currently working on a collaboration so that we can make this easy for you.
  • MTPS – Who knew this would resonate so much? We’ve received so many emails from members wanting to share their Massive Transformative Purpose Statements with us. Here are three examples that we love:
    • Uplifting hearts, one person at a time.
    • Consciously educating myself to be better for those around me.
    • Seeking possibility and optimism every day.

There you have it: a quick snapshot of our valued members’ reading and viewing habits. As always, send us your thoughts and ideas to; they really do make our day!

– The Coach Place Global

Photo by Adam Jang

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