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2 TED Talks to make you more creative

Pay attention and let yourself be bored
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You know we love sharing TED Talks with you, but have we ever explained why?

Aside from the fact that we want everyone (including ourselves) to learn something new every day, we love the diversity of thought that TED Talks offer.

This is a really important time for us all to be mindful of what we’re thinking, where we’re putting our energy and also to listen to other peoples’ ideas and insights. The presenters who appear in the TED Talks we share aren’t necessarily right and they don’t always reflect what we believe; they just give us a different way of thinking about things that may already be on your mind.

To that end, here are two TED Talks that we’ve watched lately and found valuable:

How craving attention makes you less creative (13:06) – Many of you will recognise this speaker: actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt. In this talk, he explores the difference between craving attention and paying attention. The former, he argues, is destroying creativity. Social media platforms like Instagram have turned us all into attention addicts, which not only makes us feel unhappy and unfulfilled, but has also made creativity something that we pursue only to gain attention. Instead, Gordon-Levitt advocates for paying attention: focusing on just one thing – and leveraging the power of collaboration – to achieve a sense of flow.

How boredom can lead to your most brilliant ideas (16:04) – If you’re someone who does their best thinking in the shower (one of the few places, not so coincidentally, that we don’t take our phones), then you’ll be nodding your head along to this TED Talk. In it, journalist and podcaster Manoush Zomorodi investigates what happens to us when we’re bored and our brain goes into default mode – like when we’re doing laundry or, in her case, walking for hours every day with a colicky baby. In this ‘autopilot’ state, we allow our mind to wander and form all kinds of new connections in our subconscious. Awesome stuff.

There you have it: two very different ways to (hopefully) spark innovation and creativity. Aren’t TED Talks awesome?

– The Coach Place Global

Image by Jeswin Thomas

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