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14 types of people that we love

This is a list you want to be on
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Google ‘how to be more likeable’ and you’ll be hit by around 15 million results – even more if you spell ‘likeable’ the American way.

Clearly, this is something we’re interested in and perhaps need a bit of help with, particularly now as we’re returning to the office and relearning how to ‘people’.

You may remember the blog we wrote recently about the traits people find most annoying in others. Today, we’re going to give you the opposite: a list of attributes that we love and appreciate. Some of these we pick up on instinctively. Others are backed by research, such as studies have indeed proved that we like people who make mistakes – it’s called the Pratfall Effect. Science also tells us that people who ‘listen to understand’ have better relationships. No surprises there.

Let’s make this a game: give yourself a point for each of the following attributes that you think you demonstrate. Are you:

  1. Someone who people can learn from
  2. Someone who creates meaningful experiences for others
  3. Someone who shows their appreciation
  4. Someone who is resilient; who bounces back and isn’t victim-like
  5. Someone who can (and does) listen
  6. Someone who backs themselves in
  7. Someone who says sorry when they get things wrong
  8. Someone who makes mistakes
  9. Someone who is transparent
  10. Someone who does what they say they’re going to do (the basic definition of trust)
  11. Someone who brings out the best in others
  12. Someone who is passionate and excited about things
  13. Someone who puts themselves out there and is courageous
  14. Someone with high integrity

How did you go? If you notched up a few points, your co-workers and friends probably love being around you! You’re doing the things to make them feel good.

If you didn’t find yourself on this list, maybe it’s time to focus on one or two of these attributes (hey, Google is always there if you need it). Could you work on your listening skills? Could you be more honest and open with your mistakes?

This isn’t about becoming the most popular kid in the office. By living these attributes, you become valued, respected and appreciated by the people around you. They might be more inclined to think of you when a new opportunity emerges, or go to you when they need advice or support. Essentially, we are saying this is an important time to be approachable and connected.

Are you ready to become a legend?

– The Coach Place Global

Image by Helena Lopes

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