Avalon Davy

Avalon Davy - Team Coordinator

Every team needs an Avalon. She helps to take care of the behind-the-scenes work here at The Coach Place, so our team can focus on delivering high-quality coaching and experiences for our clients. As our team co-ordinator, she is across everything and anything that is important to you, and us. Her commitment to exceeding expectations is obvious and she cares enormously about getting the small things right. If you see her at events or receive emails from her, you can trust that you are in safe hands.

An experienced Executive Assistant with a passion for supporting coaches, Avalon is also a trained NLP Practitioner and has been coached herself so understands first hand the life-changing effect that coaches have on their clients. She literally walks our talk, and you can feel this through every interaction with Avalon. She is passionate about all things related to personal growth and contributes to our team in a way that is highly valued by all of us.

Having worked with business owners for years and also running a business herself as a talented graphic designer, Avalon has experience across a range of industries, so is able to understand and flex to our clients’ needs. Avalon brings a very rare combination of skills to our team. She is our unicorn!

In her spare time Avalon is a self confessed hobby queen and likes practicing yoga, at home sauna sessions and ice baths, adding to her music collection and honing her DJ skills, and indulging her creative passions such as drawing.