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A Coach Place membership for everyone

Our free membership gives you access to occasional high quality content that will inspire your thinking and support your future planning for personal success. Anytime you are looking for a way to motivate and energise yourself, you can log in and clearly see which content is free for you to jump into.

Our premium paying members have access to everything we write, film, create and share on our Coach Place platform, anytime and anywhere. Premium members also have access to a monthly thought provoking masterclass, and an inspiring interview with a guest who has a big story and personal learnings to share. We know our premium members are stepping in and looking for true coaching and learning, so they will also receive alerts with discounted rates for some of our upcoming events and programs.

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If you have an organisation with 100 people or more that you want to nurture, challenge and grow, we have lots to tell you. We offer organisational memberships that create an incredibly flexible and accessible approach to personal development. It includes access to our Coach Place platform giving your people daily inspiration and learning opportunities. We also curate your membership to include places on our public programs, events and masterclasses. We would love to have a conversation with you and talk through our approach.

We are here if you have any questions. Just click here to send an enquiry now.